Monday, May 2, 2011

FOREVER contest!


Here are the details:
Now, to be eligible for prizes 1-5, you have to embed the video on either your blog or your Facebook. It can't show up as a link, it must show up as a video. The blog must be hosted on a site that is 100% dedicated to blogging (for instance Blogger, Wordpress, LJ, Tumblr, but NOT things like Goodreads) and you must be 100% in control of the content (no group blogs or communities). In order to be a valid entry, it has to have the video and a link to buy the book:

There are two versions of the trailer, one with my music, and one with Jonas & Plunkett's fantastic version of "Summer Girl" from SHIVER. I don't care which one you embed, but if you use the one with Jonas & Plunkett's music, it would be very kind to also include a link to where folks can find the song for sale:

see the rest here.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fourth Book in the Series!

Edit: I went back and it is an April Fool's joke because it's the cover of Shiver and Sam is just added into the picture like the cubs. But I for once did believe it was a real one.