Friday, April 9, 2010

First Song From the Linger Playlist

Maggie Stiefvater will be revealing one song from Linger’s playlist each Friday until the book comes out on July 20th!
Okay, so it is a stunning 14-ish weeks until Linger’s release date (yes, math, we don’t do that sort of thing around here. I am still working out how to embed a playlist on here without bringing the fear and rage of ASCAP down upon me* but until then, I thought it would be Highly Entertaining to me (and hopefully to you guys) to post one song from Linger’s playlist each Friday until the book comes out. I’m guessing this may culminate in a no-holds barred musical fiesta prize pack or something like that, but further plans about that will be announced after April 15th when I turn in FOREVER and get my brain back.

So. The deal on my playlists is that I listen to music constantly while writing — stuff that is the mood that I have in the book or want for the book. And that way, when I get distracted or I’m out of town, I can just put on my playlist and instantly get back into it. They get kind of unwieldy — I have 3 hours of music on the full Linger playlist, for instance — so I’m going to present the Essence of Linger Playlist — the ones that got the most play.

*currently, I’ve found that I could become an iTunes affiliate and embed sample playlists that way, but that would give me a portion of profits each time someone bought a song that way, and it makes me uncomfortable to bring money into it.

Anyway. So. Week One. Song One. Here it is.

(as usual, I have to say: if you love this song, get your butt to Amazon or iTunes or wherever it is you buy music and spend the buck to show you care.)

“Close Your Eyes” by Young Love.

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