Friday, April 30, 2010

New Linger Playlist Songs

It's Friday and Maggie gives us two(2) new songs from her Linger playlist.
Okay, so it’s Friday, and just over 11 weeks until LINGER comes out, so it’s time for me to put up another song from the LINGER playlist (well, two, since I’m putting up one from the Sam/ Grace list and one from the Isabel/ Cole list).

So. LINGER. (see, I told you I was bringing it back around). I knew I wanted another narrator, and I knew I wanted this narrator to show us things about Sam. By not being those things. Like standing next to a really tall guy on the subway and realizing, suddenly, that you are very short. I didn’t want this narrator to be just interesting on his own. I wanted him to be interesting in such a way that he heightened the stakes and character of Sam. So that is Cole’s baby origin story.

And I think the music reflects that. The playlists, I mean. They are night and day — complementary opposites. Does that even make sense to you guys as readers and writers? Or is it only in my strange head that that works out?

Anyway, for this week’s tunes off the Linger playlist, I pulled the ones that most embody Sam and Cole, respectively. The lyrics for both of them are really appropriate too (they aren’t always — I often have a song on the playlist just for the sound of it). Here ya go.

A Message by Coldplay

Coming Undone by Korn

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