Friday, April 23, 2010

Respect ARC’s Campaign

I thought this was so good from the girls at Behind Yellow Eyes. Here's the description of what the campaign is about: is starting a campaign in an effort to stop the buying and selling of ARC’s (Advanced Reader Copies). A little something we like to call: the Respect ARC’s Campaign. Now because we’re a wolves of mercy falls fansite we’ve tailored the page to Linger, but really the campaign is for any book by any author. The idea came to us when we realized that people are buying and selling Linger ARC’s and we want readers to know that ARC’s (Linger or not) are not for sale; they are supposed to be given away. Maybe you didn’t know that and that’s okay because that’s what this campaign is all about, spreading the word. To read more about the campaign where we explain what an ARC is, the right way to go about getting one and why you shouldn’t buy or sell them, visit our Respect (linger) ARC Campaign page where you can grab a button and also become a supporting site (any site for any book is acceptable).

Respect the book, guys. Or just simply wait for the release date.

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