Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Linger Songs!

So, unbelievably, it is now 8-some weeks away from Linger's release day (and I'm revoltingly happy to report that I will indeed be doing a launch day event in Williamsburg, VA, details to follow). And it's a Friday. That means it's time for some more music from the playlists. It also means it is time for my washing machine to die, apparently. It made that sound from Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail ("the castle of eeuuuuuugggghhh") and just stopped. I am bitter.

Anyway, two songs this week as well. One that represents Mercy Falls to me, and another which will forever be associated with a certain section of the book (thanks to Editor MixTape for that one.) These are also two songs that I didn't like right away -- it was only after several listens that I really liked them. It'll be interesting to see the verdict from you guys.

Rock of Ages by Gillian Welch

Out Come the Wolves by Jacob Golden


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