Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Linger is #1 on NYT Best Seller List!!

That is so AWSOME!
Congrats to Maggie for her amazing success!

The phone rings.

I think what dumb idiot left their phone on the plane when they told us to turn it off?

It was my dad's phone.

It was Editor MixTape.

He says, "Are you ready to make a lot of noise?"

Me, looking at the stewardess who is looking at me on the phone, conspicuous as the single rule breaker among her charges: "Um . . . "

David: "Linger debuted at number one on the NYT Bestseller List."

The Stewardess then got on the intercom and, all the while staring at me, announced that all electronic devices needed to be powered down or we'd all die. (I paraphrase).

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