Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The contest is real easy.
1)You must create a header for this blog. Size doesn't matter. I'll take care of that.
2)You must use any picture that has (varies): Alex Turner, Eliza Bennet, Brittany Robertson, Teresa Palmer, Sam of your choice, Wolves, Sam's Volkswagen, anything related to Shiver.
3)You must put the line:Mercy Falls Fan Blog on the header.
4)You must submit your entry before August 30.
That means you guys have all this month to go to design a header for the blog and get you entry in before August 30.
5) Open to US residents only, sorry. But if any outside US resident want to enter you could and if you win there's a special suprise. The way to find out is to follow me and get more followers.

Winner will ge a free book!

I will give the winner a choice of choosing from three (3). The winner will be chosen by me. You need to design a header for the blog.
And if you guys want to win 2 books you need to design a whole layout/template for the blog.
Under the 'cut' is the list of books I'm giving away.

See books under the cut. (←click it)

If you have any questions e-mail me at: libielzombiesrule[at] gmail [dot] com

Number 1:

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson

Number 2:

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

Number 3:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K Rowling

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