Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dream Cast: Isabel Culpeper

Taylor Momsen as Isabel Culpeper.

I really like her eyes, there's definitely something Isabel is her eyes. I really like her as Isabel. I know she comes out in Gossip Girl, trust me I'm not a fan of that TV show, but she has Isabel's looks.


Anonymous said...

if they make a movie of the series (i hope they do some day) she would definately be the perfect Isabel Culpeper, she's just how i imagined her to be!

Deadra Jeffries said...

yeah I agree but I think she should maybe have darker hair because that is how I imagined her. I love the books so much. I agree about the eyes though.

Anonymous said...

Well... In the books, Isabel has Ice blonde hair, so I don't think darker blonde hair would work... BUT OMIGOD YES SHE'S THE PERFECT ISABEL DLSAKJFALFJGHADLFHADLFG