Thursday, June 3, 2010

Header Contest at is having a header contest on their site!
Here are the details:
The release of Linger is just over a month away! So to celebrate, we thought it would be fun (and festive) to create a new Linger inspired theme for to use during the month of July to celebrate the release of the book. We’re challenging you shiver fans/graphic designers to design a header image that we can use as a part of our July layout for (and possibly reused in the future). So the winning header will be displayed for all to see on (and most likely on our twitter to).

How to enter:
Header size must be 1000px by 472px
Our site name must be included: behind yellow eyes
Please include our site welcome message: which can be seen on our current header
Deadline for submissions is June 25th
Must use the images provided:

Go here to see the images they want on their headers!
Good luck to everyone!
P.S I'm thinking about making a contest for the blog too!
I'll put the detail right after posting this blog.

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